Customer spaces

The library has four library units in three different cities. The library offers comfortable customer facilities with workstations, reading places and lounges.


The Kosmos Library has quiet workstations Soppi 1, Soppi 2 and Soppi 3a and 3b, which you can book through Tuudo. Facilities include a computer and screen, as well as electric tables.

The University Library has group work spaces and a quiet workspace on the second floor. There will be a reservation option for the premises.


The library uses the wireless network Eduroam. There is a Guest network for visitors. See general instructions for using the wireless network

All locations are equipped with MFPs for copying, printing and scanning. You can print from all computers in the library. For printing and copying, you can purchase printing credit from the library's customer service. 

In case of problems with printing or wireless networking, contact IT Services.


The Kosmos Library and the University Library have an accessible workstation with a screen reader and an electric desk. The second floor and floor 0 of the University Library are accessible by lift. Read more about the accessibility of library materials and services.

Self-service Use

As a student of Lapland University of Applied Sciences and the University of Lapland, you can use the library facilities outside service hours. For self-service use, you will need an access permit. Access permit policies may vary between campuses.
Kosmos Library, Kemi and Minerva Library, Tornio 
Instructions for obtaining access permit. (In Finnish)
University Library, Rovaniemi
Instructions for obtaining access permit.

In case of problems, please contact the campus services.

LUC Libraries
Arctic Centre Library (Rovaniemi)
Kosmos Library (Kemi)
Minerva Library (Tornio)
University Library (Rovaniemi)
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