Is there something missing from the collection of the library that is needed for studying, teaching or research? Make an acquisiton proposal.

Information resources

Lapland University Consortium Library (LUC Library) is an open scientific library, and the collections are available to everyone. The library offers printed and electronic sources mainly concerning the fields of study and research in the Lapland University of Applied Sciences (UAS) and the University of Lapland.

The collections include research literature, course books, periodicals, theses, databases, reference works, electronic publications and selected open access materials. Both printed and e-materials can be searched in LUC-Finna.

The printed collections are available to all customers either in the library premises or as home loans. The staff and students of Lapland UAS and the University of Lapland can access the e-resources of the library remotely. 

E-resources are available to all customers in the library facilities. The licensing agreements for e-materials are made on an organization specific basis, so the collections of the Lapland UAS and the University of Lapland differ from each other.

Thematic collections

The thematic collections of the LUC Library are mainly used to acquire literature needed in teaching and research. Acquisition proposals can be submitted by university staff and students.

Make a purchase requisition using the form. 

The acquisition decision is made by the library. The decision is affected by, among other things, availability of the material, price, terms of use of the e-materials and estimated size of the user base.

We acquire datasets both as one-time purchases and fixed-term orders.

The aim is to move more and more from printed material to online materials. 

Course books

The library acquires the course literature and study materials included in the degree requirements with the library's budget. The costs of acquiring the examiner copy are borne by the field of study/discipline.

The person in charge of the study module is responsible for reporting coursebooks to the library. Once the decision on the future curriculum has been made, the library needs information about the course literature as soon as possible.

One copy of coursebooks is acquired for each three simultaneous participants of the course or exam, but no more than 30 pieces. We primarily order an e-book as a coursebook, if one is available under terms of use suitable for organizational use. If the book is alternative to another work, fewer copies will be purchased. A few copies of supplementary literature will be acquired.

Course books are primarily acquired as e-books. It is advisable to find out the rights to use e-books through the library. If necessary, we supplement the acquisition of e-books with printed books.

Request the purchase of course books using the intranet form: Instructions and services > Library > Acquisition of information resources. The form must also indicate books and older editions that will be removed from the course requirements.

Materials acquired for staff use
Education and faculties can acquire literature through the library, which is placed into the units' own reference libraries or study rooms.

Financing and approval of invoices are the responsibility of the fields of study/disciplines themselves. The library takes care of the acquisition, cataloguing and content description of materials. When requesting a purchase, state the name or code En tiedä oikeaa termiä of the paying field of study /discipline or project.

Make a purchase requisition using the form.
FAQ about e-resources
Who can use the library's e-resources?

The students, teachers, researchers and other staff of Lapland UAS, the University of Lapland and the Open University can use the electronic materials of their own university on campuses and remotely.
The use of e-resources remotely from outside the library offices requires a user account of Lapland UAS or the University of Lapland.

Other customers can use the e-resources in the library premises.

Where can I find e-resources of the library?

You can find most of the e-books, e-journals and databases offered by the library using LUC-Finna search.
For example, you can search by book or journal name, article title, author name, or database name.
When you first log in to LUC-Finna with your university user ID, you will be able to see the materials available to you and access them directly.
Also check out the information retrieval guides in your field >>

The materials in these databases cannot be found using LUC-Finna search. Search for their materials in their own user interface. Access the database via LUC-Finna.

  • SFS Online, Standards (UAS)
  • RT Tietoväylä (UAS and UNI)
  • Leisure Tourism, CABI (UNI)
  • Westlaw International and Westlaw UK (UNI)
  • Reference databases
    o ERIC, Ebsco (UAS and UNI)
    o Medic (UAS)
    o Scopus (UNI) 
    o Web of Science (UNI) 
    o Politics Collection (ProQuest)
    o Sociology Collection (ProQuest)
  • Edilex (magazines can be found via LUC-Finna)
  • Oppiportti (books can be found through LUC-Finna)
  • Healthgate
  • Statista (UAS)



How can I access e-resources remotely?

The easiest way to access your university's e-resources is to first log in to LUC-Finna with your university user ID.
When you have logged in to LUC-Finna, you will have access to the materials without a separate login.

Why can't I access the eBook? Why won't the e-magazine open?

There can be several reasons for an access problem:

Check that you are in LUC-Finna and logged in with your university user ID.

Please note that the licence agreements for e-resources are made on an organization specific basis, so the collections of e-materials of the Lapland (UAS) and the University of Lapland differ from each other.

Try clearing cookies and cache from your browser if you can't access the material. 

Always use the latest version of your browser. Sometimes switching from one browser to another can help.
If the material does not open despite this, please contact the library's customer service either:

  • by sending an email to tietopalvelu@ulapland.fi
  • LUC-Finna via chat service
  • visiting the library on site



What do I do if the article I want cannot be found in LUC-Finna?

Google, ask a question in the chat, send an email to tietopalvelu@ulapland.fi or turn directly to the interlibrary service.

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