Lapland University Library is a joint library of Lapland University of Applied Sciences and the Univesity of  Lapland and it is open to all.

The library serves the studying, teaching, research, development and science communication needs of the Lapland University Consortium, for example by acquiring information resources for customers' use.

The collections and electronic information resources of the library's four units form the largest collection of scientific, art and professional literature and e-resources in Lapland. The library has access to domestic and foreign databases as well as an extensive collection of online publications and books. 

Services are provided at different locations and online through multiple channels. To a large extent, information resources are also available remotely by signing in with the university's username and password. Electronic information resources are available to all customers in the library premises.  

Our libraries have versatile working and studying spaces. See more detailed information about our facilities.

We provide expert services and training in information retrieval skills. Link to a teaching and guidance page.  

Our services and collections are constantly being developed, and the feedback from our customers is important.  

Information resources and expertise prior to fields

  • Arctic and Northern areas  
  • Education
  • Business, management and entrepreneuship  
  • Natural resources  
  • Tourism and experiences  
  • Forest and agricultural industry  
  • Law
  • Social, health and sport 
  • Art and culture  
  • Technique and transportation  
  • Information technology  
  • Society

 See also

  • Privacy policy 
  • LUC Library's collection programme
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