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Using the Library

Using the Library

The Library is open for all users, like most of libraries in Finland.

  • You may freely wander around the Library.
  • You may pick books by yourself from shelves for reading, copying and borrowing.
  • You may borrow as many books as you wish.
  • Borrowing and reserving are free of charge.
  • Self-service loan stations are available for you.

The main task of the Library is to support the academic studies and research of students and staff in Lapland University.

You can practice your library skills with this course: Basics of Library Skills

Library Card

  • In order to get library card, please fill the Application Form (e-mail is important!)
  • The first card is free of charge and can be retrieved by showing your identity card
  • Borrowers are responsible for all materials borrowed on their card

         Library card

LUC - Lapland University Consortium Library

Two organizations:

Lapland University logo  

Lapland University of Applied Sciences logo   UAS


Library serves at 2 locations in Rovaniemi
* University Library
* Arctic Centre Library 

and at 2 locations in Kemi and Tornio (about 100 km from Rovaniemi)
* UAS Kosmos Kemi
* UAS Minerva Tornio

LUC-Finna - Library Catalog of Lapland University Consortium Library

Two organizations have a shared Library Catalog LUC-Finna.

  • University of Lapland
  • Lapland University of Applied Sciences

LUC-Finna contains books, e-books, thesesis, journals and other materials in Lapland University Consortium Library. LUC-Finna contains also information of books and journals of National Repository Library (Kuopio).
If you want to search for licensed electronic materials or to make request or renew your loans, please select your University and log in with your personal username, HakaLogin logo

LUC-Finna: If you want to search for licensed electronic materials or renew your loans, please select your University: Lapin AMK or University of Lapland


Connect Library card to your account

  1. At first log in with your username (Haka Login) HakaLogin logo
  2. Choose Your Account
  3. Choose Library Cards
  4. Click Connect library/parallel card

LUC-Finna, Your account > Library cards > Connect library/parallel card

  1. The name of card is optional, e.g. Lapland University
  2. Fill in your e-mail address. The address has to be the same as in your customer data of the library.
  3. Choose connect. After connecting the system send you a link access as an e-mail.
  4. Use the link on your e-mail in order to connect your library card

From now on the loans will be seen in your account. Notice that you operate only in the device in which you gave your e-mail address. If your e-mail address changes, the connecting must be redone.