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Publishing a dissertaton in the University of Lapland

Press release

The Communications and External Relations at the University of Lapland will e-mail the doctoral candidate well before the public defence to discuss communication about the dissertation. The candidate should write a draft of a press release no later than two weeks prior to the public examination.

Language versions and their distribution should also be agreed on well in advance.

Instructions for the press release

Public display of the dissertation prior to the defence

The completed doctoral dissertation must be publicly available at the latest 10 days prior to the public defence.

On the website of the university, there is a section about upcoming dissertations of the University of Lapland in which information on the public defence, a link to the dissertation, and the dissertation press release are published.

Public access to electronic dissertations is carried out by a link to the full text of the dissertations on the web page of the university. The link has to be on the web page at the latest 10 days prior to the public defence. In addition, a printed copy of the dissertation is set on display 10 days in the main hall of the university.

If you are not publishing your dissertation electronically, only a print version will be put on public display in the main hall of the university 10 days prior to the defence.