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Publishing a dissertaton in the University of Lapland

Extra copies of an electronic dissertation on the candidate's own cost

Should the doctoral candidate wish to have extra copies of the electronic dissertation, they can be printed on his/her own cost at the same time as the copies are printed for the public defence and for archival purposes. The extra copies are printed on the cost of the doctoral candidate.

The extra copies are marked as copies on the title page of the dissertation and the series information and ISBN are removed from them, just like the printed copies for the public defence and archival purposes are produced. This is important for preventing the printed copies to be regarded as an independent printed publication, which would need its own identifiers and which should be sent to the National library for cataloguing and storing.

The extra copies for the candidate's private use will be printed at the same time as the copies for the defence and archival purposes. Therefore the doctoral candidate should inform the Graduate School well before the printing, whether he/she wants to order extra copies for private use. At the same time the doctoral candidate shall give the invoicing address for the extra copies.

In case of article-based dissertations, only the articles for which permission to republish has been granted and presented will be included in the printed copies.