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Publishing a dissertaton in the University of Lapland

Monograph or article-based dissertation?

There are two types of dissertation the doctoral candidate can choose from: the monograph and the article-based dissertation. The decision on which type of dissertation the candidate wishes to pursue should be made early on, since publishing articles can be a much more time-consuming process than writing a monograph dissertation. Writing an article-based dissertation may be an appropriate option if the doctoral research is part of the activities of a research group with the objective of producing articles.

A doctoral dissertation may also be published by an external publisher (a publisher other than the university), for example a renowned national organization relevant to the subject of the dissertation. This is appropriate if the external publisher is able to offer wider circulation and greater visibility for the dissertation, effectively reaching the target audience(s) interested in the work. If the doctoral dissertation is potentially of wide public interest, it is worth investigating the possibilities of publishing it in book form by a Finnish science publisher. The publisher should be contacted early on in order to secure a publication agreement and to ensure the timely publication of the dissertation prior to the public defence.

Doctoral candidates are encouraged to discuss these issues with their supervisors.

Publication rights for the articles in an article-based dissertation

As the author of an article-based dissertation, the doctoral candidate is responsible for acquiring permission from the original publisher to republish the articles that have appeared in scientific journals, in scientific books, or in conference publications.

The doctoral candidate should seek permission to republish the articles well in advance, preferably upon the first publication of the articles in question, but at the latest at the pre-examination stage, in order to prevent this issue from delaying the publication process at the layout and page design stage.

See further instructions.

Dissertation cover design

For doctoral dissertations published in the Acta series of the university, the standard cover and spine format is used. If the doctoral candidate decides to use the standard design, no further actions regarding cover design are required. There is no space for a photo or an image in the standard cover. Should the candidate wish to include a photo or an image in the cover, the whole cover has to be designed separately.

Should the doctoral candidate wish to have the cover of the dissertation designed separately, it is recommended to initiate the design process well in advance. If the cover is designed by a student of the University of Lapland’s Faculty of Art and Design, the doctoral candidate should allow at least four weeks for the cover design process.

See further instructions.