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Using the Library

How to find an article?

If you need a certain article, you should check its availability by the Journal Title.
For example if you need the article:
Masterson, Steve & Owen, Sara: Mental health service user’s social and individual empowerment: Using theories of power to elucidate far-reaching strategies. Journal of Mental Health 2006, 15(1): 19-34.
Then you should search for Journal of Mental Health and check it's availability.

If you want to find articles about a certain subject, you can use "International e-materials search" in LUC-Finna. Note that you can do more specific searches in the E-journal Databases. Find the links to the databases below.

Availability of Articles


Usually the articles should be retrieved by the journal.

International e-materials in LUC-Finna

Searches for international e-materials in LUC-Finna access a large number of databases (reference collections) maintained by different information producers; most of the references are in English. For the most part, the databases contain scientific articles, but you will also find e-books and other references from various publishers. Please note, however, that a search of international e-materials in LUC-Finna will not cover all the e-materials that are accessible in the databases the University has acquired. For more detailed searches you should make use of a database’s own search facility. These can be found on the page "Information resources University" OR "Information resources UAS".

Searches of international e-materials are useful when you do not need a particularly detailed search on your topic but just a few articles, or when you want to find out how much has been written on the topic. The set of results may be very large indeed and it is a very good idea to limit searches before you start using the sidebar filters.

Some E-journal Databases in University of Lapland