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Using the Library

Reserving in LUC-Finna

You can reserve / request a book which is on loan by using LUC-Finna (excluding reference collections).

NO requesting fee if you have email address. Pick up notices are sent to your via email.
Failing to pick up a reserved book involves a fine of 2 €.

Requested items are available for picking up on a shelf next to the service desk.
NB! Please check that you pick up your own requests.

Place a Request

Do a search with the title of the book:

  1. You can reserve a book only if all loanable copies are out on loan
  2. Click the title of book for holdings information and doing request.

Place a request:

  1. Choose the location where you'll pick up your book. Note, you can save the pick up location in LUC-Finna in your account, e.g. "University Library"
  2. Place request

Place call slip request in LUC-Finna

You can place call slip request for the books which are available in another locations, e.g. Lapin AMK Kosmos Kemi.

Please notice: We cancel requests for books that are located in the same location as the pickup location (exception University Library stack). Call slip requests are meant for items located in other library locations only.

Place Request to National Repository Library (Kuopio)

LUC-Finna contains also information of books and journals in National Repository Library (Kuopio).
You can place request also the books which are available (1.) in the National Repository Library. Click the title of the book (2.).

Check that the book is available (1.) and click "Place request" button (2.).
You can pick up it from the library service desk of Lapland University. Note, that failing to pick up a requested book involves a fine of 5 €.

Interlibrary Loan Request

Books, periodicals, and other items not in the Library’s own collections, may be obtained as loans or photocopies from other libraries in Finland and abroad. Interlibrary loan / photocopy request can be made by filling in a request form or by using electronic form. You will see the prices of the interlibrary loans in the Service Price List below.

 For futher information, please contact:  Merja Ahvensalmi, tel. 040-484 4305, Email: kaukopal(at)

Do an interlibrary loan request