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Exceptions in Library Hours

The Libraries will be closed at 1 p.m. on New Year Eve, Holy Thursday, Apr 30th, the day before Midsummer Eve and the day before Christmas Eve. On the other Eves the libraries will be closed at 4 p.m.

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Library Hours in Rovaniemi

  • University Library Mon -Thu 9-19, Fri 9-16, Sat 10-15, access with a key fob self-service 24/7 (Key fobs from Facility Services).
  • Information Service in chat (Ask Away) Mon-Fri 12-16 or contact
  • Arctic Centre Library Tue-Fri 10-15
  • Lapland University Cash Desk Mon -Thu 9-19, Fri 9-16, Sat 10-15

Library Hours in Kemi-Tornio

  • Kosmos Library Mon - Fri 8:30-15:30. Customer Service Mon-Fri 9 - 15.30.
    By phone 9-15.30 tel. +35840 542 5406. With access card Mon-Sat 6.30-21.00.
  • Minerva Library with access card Mon-Sat 6.30-21.00.
  • Chat (Ask Away) Mon-Fri 12-16

During the self-service time customers can pick up their reservations, return and loan materials by automatic machine and work self-directed in the library.