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Scientific Information Retrieval

Web of Science - Reference Database

This database offers a vast selection of citations from electronic journals. It doesn’t contain full text versions of the articles in most cases, so you will have to find the availability of a journal somewhere else. Click SFX-linking to see the availability of the journal either as e-journal or as printed one. Other user guides at  WoS-tutorial.

  1. If you choose Topic in the menu on the right, you are searching from the fields: title, abstracts and subjects of the article.
  2. If your search term is a phrase, use quotes.
  3. Search terms can be combined with OR operators typing OR between the terms. The truncation sign is *.
  4. You can add more search boxes.
  5. You can limit your search by select only one part of the database.

Web of Science, basic search

Search Results

  1. You can sort your results by date, times cited, usage count and relevance
  2. Refine your search with suggested terms.
  3. By clicking on the title of the article you will get all information on this article
  4. Check the availability of a journal by clicking SFX-linking
  5. The system includes information on how many times this article has been cited
  6. You can save citations to RefWorks by marking the citations and choosing "Save to RefWorks" from drop down menu.

Web of science, search results