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Scientific Information Retrieval

Systematic Information Search

The goal of the course is to provide the students with the skills to use library resources and to carry out systematic information searches for research purposes within their own discipline.

  • Finding Search Terms contains how to design a search
  • Formulating a Search Profile contains how to combine search terms into meaningful search profile.
  • Selecting Databases contains instructions on how to access and search various databases.
  • Evaluating Results provides also guidelines for improving search.
  • Citing Sources helps you in managing your search results for your research.


You can ask for help in University Library, 2. floor (hours Mon-Fri 12-16)
Phone 040 4844 303
tietopal [at]
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You can ask for help in the Arctic Centre Library (hours Mon-Fri 10-17)
Phone 040 4844 286

Library.AC [at]

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