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Peer-review means that two or more researchers evaluate the manuscript and propose some changes or additions to it. The reviewers are specialists on same topic of the manuscript and they must be independent of the author(s) of the manuscript.

​Traditional double-blind peer review means that the editor of the journal sends the manuscript to reviewers that the journal has chosen. The reviewers aren't told the names of the authors and the authors aren't told the names of the reviewers. The reviewers do the evaluation independently. There are at least two reviewers. The idea is that the evaluation would be as objective as possible. On small fields of science and in small languages the anonymity and objectivity is not true. Peer-review processes are regarded to be too slow and not as fair and objective as they should. The model does not include possibility to real scientific discussion about the reviewers arguments.

The following new evaluation system for authors and publishers is aimed to enhance the quality of peer reviewing and to speed up the publishing process:​

The problems of peer review processes are under active discussion. More information can be found in e.g.